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Lessons in Leadership: Reflections from Canadian CEOs

  1. When axe and ambition meet, it’s BATL time
  2. How to succeed at the toughest job  in any business, BDO CEO Pat Kramer
  3. How trust empowers employees and their leaders, and ultimately, the company, Ikea Canada President Marsha Smith
  4. How coaching a sport can help you become a winning corporate leader, Calian CEO Kevin Ford, Part 1
  5. As CEO, are you setting a too-onerous pace for your senior management? Calian CEO Kevin Ford, Part 2
  6. To win as leader, hire those people who will not let their colleagues fail, Payments Canada CEO Gerry Gaetz, Part 1
  7. This is why the employee voice is so important to hear, Payments Canada CEO Gerry Gaetz, Part 2
  8. How to be the CEO with fully engaged teams, Financeit CEO Michael Garrity
  9. Push your employees to their limits, and everyone will be rewarded, Infusion CEO Alim Somani, Part 1
  10. The secrets to a successful merger: Preserve what works and respect the other side, Infusion CEO Alim Somani, Part 2
  11. Asylum in the executive suite: When a management fortress breaks a company’s front-line spirit, David Ossip, CEO, Ceridian
  12. Ceridian CEO: ‘Early on, I had this mistaken notion that people work for me’, David Ossip, CEO, Ceridian 
  13. The one question to answer before you can become a great leader, Molson Coors CEO, Fred Landtmeters
  14. Go from startup to sale with values intact and top of mind, TradeRev CEO, Mark Endras 
  15. A really young CEO walks into a hostile office, Mark O’Connell CEO Interac
  16. Don’t just listen, Hear: Hill + Knowlton CEO Goldy Hyder 
  17. The importance of EQ: Goldy Hyder part 2
  18. Danby CEO Jim Estill: A CEO’s lessons on learning, losing and lasting
  19. The Source president Charles Brown: ‘I get to work at 6:30 a.m. to have time to reflect, so I don’t just react.’ Part 1 
  20. The Source president Charles Brown: ‘How to navigate profound change in times of retail closures.’ Part 2
  21. Knowledge is not Power unless it is Shared: Rob Paterson of Alterna Savings
  22. Success takes a lot of Hardwork: Duane Green, CEO Franklin Templeton Investments
  23. RSA Canada CEO, Martin Thompson, goes for transparency, communication and quick action
  24. For Wayfair’s Canadian chief, the key to being a game changer is bravery: General Manager Deborah Poole
  25. Giving to others as a successful business strategy – An interview with serial entrepreneur Eli Fathi
  26. “In order to make something happen, you have to dream it first”: Plan International Canada’s CEO, Caroline Riseboro
  27. Collaboration is key for Ottawa Hospital CEO Dr. Jack Kitts
  28. LGM Financial Services CEO Adam Hill believes helping others is good for business
  29. ‘The power of the team is stronger than the power of the individual’: Rowan Saunders (Incoming CEO – Economical Insurance)
  30. ‘I always want my team to know that I have their back’, Liz Rodbell, HBC’s department store president
  31. ‘If I just lived in the C-Suite, the brand wouldn’t prosper the same way’: McDonald’s Canada CEO John Betts
  32. Talking Leadership with Michel G. Vermette (Association of Professional Executives)
  33. I Learned Passion is Infectious (Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association – Mike Woollatt)
  34. What W. Brett Wilson Learned From his Addiction to Work and Material Things
  35. Leaders Must Decide Whether to be Pit Bulls or Orchestra Conductors (Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology – René Belanger)
  36. Readers react: The importance of humility in the corner office (W. Brett Wilson)
  37. Why VIA Rail’s boss feels ‘getting his hands dirty’ is important (Yves Desjardins-Siciliano)
  38. Managing by walking around: ‘The staff all know me’ (GEF Seniors Housing – Raymond Swonek)
  39. How body language — and a hearing impairment — helped this Dragons’ Den pitch (7 Virtues – Barb Stegemann)
  40. Teamwork and emotional intelligence are keys to success (Assumption Life – André Vincent)
  41. Ikea Canada’s president brings his Swedish values to the workplace (Stefan Sjostrand)

Interviews With International CEOs

  1. Lessons in leadership President Jim Robison, Astellas Americas
  2. Lessons in leadership from Mindbridge CEO Eli Fathi
  3. How Empathy, Humility and Respect Drive the Success of this 3-time CEO: Gerald R. Mattys, Tactile Medical
  4. Leading with Empathy Drives Results and Engagement for IT Glue CEO, Chris Day
  5. “The secret to a billion success story”: Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst
  6. Openness and Transparency are Keys to Success for Red Hat CEO (Jim Whitehurst)

Do Good to Do Well

  1. Is Giving The Key To Our Success?
  2. Is it Better for Business to Actually Do Good or Just Look Like it’s Doing Good?
  3. The Business Case for Moral Leadership (PDF)
  4. The Science of ‘Thanks-giving:’ Lessons for Business and Life
  5. The Hidden Costs of Letting Workers Act Like Jerks
  6. Don’t Be A Doormat: How Workplace ‘Givers’ Can Avoid Finishing Last


  1. Smart Leaders Know They Need To Put Their Phone Away
  2. Want to be Liked as A Leader? Stop Treating Others the Way You Want to be Treated!
  3. It Turns Out Empathy Can Be Taught: 5 Tips to Improve Business Leaders’ Emotional Intelligence
  4. Forget ethics training: Focus on empathy
  5. Who cares?

Authenticity and Trust

  1. How New Executives Can Build Trust Quickly
  2. Go Beyond Trust (PDF)
  3. Authentic Leadership and Employee Performance (PDF)

Focus on the Positive/Happiness

  1. Building Better Relationships – The Importance of High Quality Connections
  2. Building Peak Performance Teams in your Organization: What does the evidence tell us?
  3. Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow
  4. A Labour of Love – The Truth of Strengths (PDF)
  5. Building A Vibrant Culture: Lessons from Zappos!
  6. Think Outside the (Gift) Box for Your Shopping this Holiday Season


  1. What’s your secret CEO superpower? Wrong answer if you said strength, bravery or resilience
  2. The humble rock star: Why CEOs should share the spotlight
  3. Why We Benefit from Eating Humble Pie
  4. Humility as Leadership Strength (PDF)


  1. Is Your Work Your Calling? Strengths as a Critical Element of Engagement
  2. Meaning as the Cornerstone of Performance Enhancement (PDF)


  1. Self Compassion – An Essential Leadership Trait (PDF)
  2. The Road to (Leadership) Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

Interviews With Thought Leaders

  1. Willpower and executive function aren’t the be-all for success, but these three positive emotions can be, Interview with Dr. David DeSteno
  2. Synchrony and the art of a good day’s productivity – Interview with Dan Pink
  3. There’s one action above all that can make or break your company – Interview with Dr. Marilee Adams
  4. Why the war for talent may be misguided even cannibalistic – Interview with Adam Galinsky
  5. How well do you receive feedback – Interview with Douglas Stone
  6. Have you ever wondered why people don’t listen to your feedback – Douglas Stone (pt.2)
  7. How to become fluent in the three languages of feedback – An interview with Douglas Stone
  8. How a leader can introduce relational energy, affirmation and ethics – An interview with Dr. Kim Cameron
  9. Stop – Apologize and Listen – An interview with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
  10. Leadership tip from the world’s No. 1 executive coach. Part 1 of 3
  11. Words of wisdom from the world’s top executive coach, Marshall Goldsmith. Part 2 of 3
  12. CEOs are no longer embarrassed to need help: World’s leading executive coach. Part 3 of 3
  13. The secrets to a healthier corporate culture – An interview with NYT Senior Editor Adam Bryan
  14. Redefining success in 2015: How much is enough?
  15. Is giving the key to our success?
  16. 3 ways to put the strategy back into strategic conversations
  17. Think salespeople are sleazy? You may be surprised to learn you’re one of them
  18. Making your way to the corner office – An interview with NYT Editor and best-selling author Adam Bryant
  19. Quiet no more – The profound influence of introverted leaders (PDF)
  20. Leading the ‘Quiet’ revolution: An interview with international best-selling author Susan Cain
  21. Heart of a Dragon – Lessons on success
  22. More wealth than I need and less time than I want (PDF)


  1. To err is human, to apologize humane
  2. The power of civility


  1. Why you want to be stretched outside your comfort zone
  2. How to re-engage a high-potential employee (Cdn Govt Executive)
  3. Tick Tock, Tick Tock: The impacts of time pressure on work quality
  4. The perils of our “on-call” work culture
  5. How Smart are Smartphones? Unplug your Way to Productivity
  6. A Key to Success – with Interest
  7. How Much Managing is Enough? Balancing the Line Between Micromanagement and Engagement
  8. 6 Tricks to Keep You from Feeling Like You’re Just Spinning Your Wheels


  1. Why a picture is worth 1000 words: Using the power of visualization to achieve your goals
  2. New Year’s resolutions for 2011: Don’t make SMART goals… make HARD ones!

Your Health

  1. Exercise to Protect your Mental Health
  2. Beware Killer Bosses
  3. Plugged In and Burned Out


  1. How to Avoid a Bad Hire
  2. Enhancing the Coaching Experience
  3. Maximizing 360-degree feedback processes – Strategies for success
  4. Get the Right People on the Bus – New Insights on Assessments


  1. Robert Biswas-Diener HR Professional (Summer 2015)
  2. The Sound of Silence: Whistleblowing and the Fear of Reprisal
  3. Why Every Executive Team Should Have A Devil’s Advocate
  4. Steve Jobs was Right about Walking – Insights on Creativity
  5. Say What? How Words Affect our Behaviour in Powerful Ways
  6. Increasing Employee Accountability
  7. Aim High (PDF)


  1. Your Workplace Conference- Who Cares? Why Empathy Matters (10 mins)
  2. Aspire Podcast – Employment and Social Development Canada 2017




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