My Philosophy

The art of leadership is a demanding and rewarding challenge. Successful leaders are able to create a highly engaged and purpose-filled team that shares a common understanding of what is expected and desired of them. At its very core, powerful leadership leads to exceeding expectations and having fun while doing it.

I am passionate about sharing the science of leadership, team, and organizational excellence and translating these evidence-based findings into real life solutions. Rather than share one opinion, I synthesize the current research in a relevant topic area to discuss with my clients. They find that this scientific foundation brings a level of rigour and credibility to my consulting work, which allows them to make informed decisions when meeting their challenges.


1) The Art and Science of Positive Leadership

Leadership, Team, Movitation, SuccessDeveloping effective leadership skills is of paramount concern to individuals, teams, and organizations. Countless models exist, which suggest different ways to accomplish this. This leaves us wondering how to do the right thing to obtain the desired result.

Rather than add another model to the mix, this workshop presents research from the social and management sciences demonstrating that positive leadership contributes to significant intangible (e.g., increased employee engagement, improved job satisfaction) and tangible (e.g., higher revenue, etc.) benefits for those who align with these principles. By drawing on classic and cutting edge research, this session will build a strong business case that shows how the ‘softer side’ of leadership maximizes success.

This session will also share concrete tips and strategies that individuals can adopt at an individual level to promote positive leadership behaviours. It will challenge participants to think about how to leverage the power of “doing what’s right.”

2) Maximizing Employee Engagement: An Evidence-Based Perspective

Leadership - HelpingMaximizing employee engagement is a top priority for organizations today, as the war for talent continues to intensify. If you try to conduct a Google search on the topic, you get anywhere from 2-5 million entries. This can leave individuals and organizations frustrated as to where to begin to address this challenge.This presentation will answer this question by providing an overview of the evidence surrounding the most effective strategies to maximize employee engagement. Using classic and cutting-edge research, this talk will look at the scientifically supported motivators of human performance and will provide ideas and tips that can be applied to the workplace. Rather than be proscriptive, Craig will provide a framework which each attendee can reference to develop and introduce empirically-supported activities and initiatives within their respective areas. Whether leading a small team or a large division, participants will leave with many valuable ideas to transform their workplace.

3) Civility Matters!

RespectAs the pace and demands of work increase, plenty of anecdotal and scientific evidence suggest our work environments are becoming increasingly disrespectful. Recent research suggests that these actions exhort tremendous costs within our organizations, on an emotional and productivity level.
This seminar will build a powerful business case for the importance of civility within our workplaces. It will also explore why this debilitating form of behaviour continues to occur. It will conclude with a discussion of practical and evidence-based strategies that can be applied at an individual, team, and organizational level to increase civility and maximize our engagement.

Available: 60-75 min Keynote Address, 1/2 or Full day Workshops for All Staff

4) Building Resilience

Employees today face unparalleled challenges. The depth and speed of organizational changes combined with the advancement of social media technology make it increasingly difficult to keep up and perform at their best. Not surprisingly, people are searching for tips and strategies for thriving in this type of environment. At the heart of this quest is resilience, which is our capacity to bounce back. Resilience is not a trait that people either have or do not have. To the contrary, resilient thinking and behaviour can be learned and practiced by anyone.

This workshop explores the science and practice of resilience. At the end of the presentation, participants learn:

  • The definition of resilience
  • How maximizing our resilience is crucial for thriving in the face of constant change
  • How stress and resilience are related
  • Key factors that affect our level of resilience
  • Evidence-informed strategies to enhance our resilience at an individual, team, and organizational level5) Who cares? Why empathy should matter to you and your organization

Available: 60-75 min Keynote Address, 1/2 or Full day Workshops for All Staff or Manager Level

5) Secrets of Successful Teams

Passion - Leadership with HeartThe Art and Science of Successful Teams shares evidence-based practices, which have been shown to maximize individual/team performance, as well as stakeholder engagement. Topics include:

  • How self-awareness allows us to leverage the power of diversity within teams
  • Unlocking the power of the positive
  • The science of trust
  • Engagement starts with a ‘why’ – The key role of purpose in influencing team success
  • Building empathy and interpersonal understanding; Mastering positive communication

Disaster Simulation

The last part of the session will involve a team-building exercise where each group is placed in a disaster scenario and need to figure out what they need to do to survive. It provides an opportunity for people to practice the content discussed during the initial part of the day

Available: 1/2 day Workshop, All Staff


LeadershipCoaching is a leadership development tool that is becoming increasingly recognized and valued by executives at industry-leading organizations. It is a rigorous learning process with the overall objective of acquiring, developing and maintaining effective leadership skills and behaviours, which requires considerable self-analysis and reflection. This culminates in the development and execution of an action plan that is designed to assist the individual in maximizing their productivity and effectiveness.

My coaching philosophy is to assist my clients in finding the best ways to target the issue rather than “telling them what to do” or producing an off-the-shelf solution. Research has shown that engaging coaching clients as an integral part of the solution maximizes the probability of long-term success. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, the coachees develop new leadership muscles that may be utilized throughout their career, and even their personal lives.

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