The Science of Positive Leadership

Have you ever asked yourself these questions “How do I become a more effective leader?” “How can I bring more of myself to my leadership role?” “How can I get the best out of myself and my team?”

Learn what the research says about achieving your leadership potential and find out how top leaders take these findings and turn them into real-life solutions.

The Science of Positive Leadership offers readers a series of evidence-based tools and strategies, which can be immediately applied within their organizations. This e-book provides a practical roadmap that will help you tackle your most pressing individual, team, and organizational challenges including how to:

  • Engage and motivate your team
  • Effectively manage your blind spots
  • Maximize your potential and the potential of others
  • Exercise the power of strengths-based leadership
  • Build and maintain a winning culture
  • Enhance your resilience
  • Promote innovation and creativity
  • Successfully navigate difficult conversations

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