The healing power of progress

6 tricks to keep you from feeling like you’re just spinning your wheels

Whenever someone asks the question “How are you?” the most common answer tends to be “busy,” which can often be followed by a conversation in which each person tries to “out-busy” the other. In fact, one could argue that being busy has almost lost its meaning, since it seems to be an enduring rather than temporary state.

An unfortunate result is that we can often feel like we are spinning our wheels. No matter how hard we work, the ‘to-do list’ seems endless and grows every single day. Not surprisingly, this reality can profoundly impact our feelings of engagement.

Harvard University’s Theresa Amabile has highlighted the importance of progress in maintaining our engagement. Her research examined over 12,000 diary entries from managers from different industries and sectors. More so than any other element, Amabile found that a sense of progress was the single most important predictor of engagement, even if it was only considered a “small win……”

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