The 7 Virtues: A success story built on values!

One of the core themes of my website is the mantra “Do good to do well.” In the media, there is frequent discussion around what it takes to ‘make it.’ Invariably, people wonder whether it is possible to succeed following their principles, or if certain sacrifices are required.

Barb Stegemann and her perfume line, the 7 Virtues personifies a business that is focusing on doing great work and giving back to the community while experiencing tremendous success.

A recent article in the Globe and Mail profiles Barb and her company, which she started after her friend was almost fatally wounded while working in Afghanistan. She used her Visa to buy $2000 worth of essential oils from a local farmer in Afghanistan who was trying to get farmers to grow orange blossoms and roses instead of illegal poppies for the heroin trade and transformed that investment into $30,000 of perfume sales.

Two months later, she was on Dragon’s Den, making a pitch to obtain $75,000 in funding for a 15% equity stake, which enticed three of the Dragons, including W. Brett Wilson, to join.

Her organization continues to live the core values with which she started. I had the pleasure of interviewing Barb a few years ago and I can say that she truly lives up to the core values of her brand.

Please take the time to read this great column to learn about how doing good and doing well can go hand in hand.