Top CEOs Employ A Listen-First Philosophy: Insights From Hyundai Canada CEO Don Romano

While leading with values is easier when times are good, navigating a crisis can put the most values-driven organization to the test. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Don Romano, CEO of Hyundai Canada, recently to discuss consistently following the principles you espouse. This is especially important for Chief Executives, as they are […]

To Succeed, Lead With Your Heart And Your Mind: Lessons On Conscious Leadership From Gerrard Schmid, CEO Of Diebold Nixdorf

This pandemic has had an extraordinary impact on every facet of our lives. People and organizations continue to search for answers. In many companies, the strain of operating in this environment has dehumanized the culture. However, many top, global CEOs have found another way. Gerrard Schmid is the CEO of Diebold Nixdorf, the largest manufacturer in the […]