Your Assessment Results

Dowden’s new book, Do Good to Lead Well: The Science and Practice of Positive Leadership examines the Six Pillars of Positive Leadership.

Self Awareness, Civility, Humility, Focus on the Positive, Meaning and Purpose, and Empathy are at the core of Dowden’s work and leadership philosophy.

See below for your tailored practice material for the area in which your leadership approach could use the most improvement. For more information contact Craig Dowden:

Here is how you scored on each pillar:

  • Self Awareness Total = /36
  • Civility Total = /36
  • Humility Total = /36
  • Focus On The Positive Total = /36
  • Meaning and Purpose Total = /36
  • Empathy Total = /36


Learn About Your “Best Reflected Self”

Research shows that when we use our strengths more often, we are more engaged, perform better, demonstrate more resilience, are more likely to achieve our goals, are happier, exhibit more confidence, experience less stress, and are more effective at developing ourselves. A positive psychology exercise that can be helpful in identifying our strengths is called the “Best Reflected Self.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Ask a group of friends, family members, and work colleagues (around 10-12 people in total) to share or write a story outlining when and where you were operating at your best; a situation in which you seemed fully “in the zone.” The more detail the better.
  • When everyone is finished, read all of the stories and search for consistent clues/themes about your strengths. Look for ways to tap into these strengths in your personal and professional life.
  • Leaders can also modify this practice within their own teams. Specifically, the leader could either ask each team member to write a “story” (anywhere from a couple sentences to a paragraph or two) about each of their colleagues in terms of when they saw him or her at their best.