Your Assessment Results

Dowden’s new book, Do Good to Lead Well: The Science and Practice of Positive Leadership examines the Six Pillars of Positive Leadership.

Self Awareness, Civility, Humility, Focus on the Positive, Meaning and Purpose, and Empathy are at the core of Dowden’s work and leadership philosophy.

See below for your tailored practice material for the area in which your leadership approach could use the most improvement. For more information contact Craig Dowden:

Here is how you scored on each pillar:

  • Self Awareness Total = /36
  • Civility Total = /36
  • Humility Total = /36
  • Focus On The Positive Total = /36
  • Meaning and Purpose Total = /36
  • Empathy Total = /36


Maximize the Time You Spend Engaged in Meaningful Activities

Research has shown that maximizing the amount of time we spend engaged in meaningful activities provides numerous benefits, including acting as a powerful buffer against stress. Meaning can be the ultimate resilience enhancer. While it is unrealistic to believe that we can spend every waking hour of every day engaged in meaningful activities, there are ways we can leverage the power of meaning and purpose:

  • The first step is to reflect on what truly brings meaning to your work.
  • Review your calendar for the past two to four weeks to see how much of your time was spent engaged in meaningful activities.
  • If you spent little time engaged in these tasks, schedule time in your calendar to do them. Even a ten-minute window, once a day, is enough. Look to where you can expand it, making the most meaningful part of what you do featured more prominently in your day-to-day work.
  • You can also share this activity with your team to maximize their engagement and resilience.