Do Good to Lead Well:
Using Positive Leadership to
Build a Peak Performance Culture

Leaders often believe that they can be values-driven, or they can be successful; they can either Do Good or Lead Well.

Craig Dowden, Ph.D., is out to prove otherwise.

As a ForbesBooks author, keynote speaker, and executive coach, Craig uses evidence-based principles to show how positive leadership helps you reach your goals, exceed expectations, and authentically engage the people around you. His message is straight to the point: You’ll find your greatest success when you Do Good to Lead Well.

Do Good to Lead Well

In his new book, Do Good to Lead Well: The Science and Practice of Positive Leadership, Craig Dowden, Ph.D., explores the notion that when we lead with integrity (do good), we achieve more—and oftentimes far more than we ever thought possible. The book serves as an “executive roadmap” for success, as Craig weaves the latest research and insights from top thought leaders (like Adam Grant, Daniel Pink, Susan Cain, Marshall Goldsmith, and Doug Stone to name a few), with actionable evidence-based principles. Armed with this knowledge, CEOs and people managers can develop the mindset, toolkit and skills necessary to thrive, both now and in the future.


Areas of expertise:
Executive Development, Team-building,
The Art And Science Of Peak Performance

Executive coach and keynote speaker, Craig Dowden, Ph.D., is bridging the gap between what science knows and what leaders do. Integrating evidence-based principles from the fields of positive psychology with those in leadership and organizational excellence, Craig helps his clients develop real-life solutions to solve their greatest challenges.

Craig is passionate about continuously enriching his knowledge, which is why he is connected with nearly twenty international thought leaders, TED speakers and best-selling authors as well as over 50 CEOs of leading organizations.
former star of CBC's Dragon's Den, Order of Canada recipient, widely respected philanthropist and business person

Craig Dowden is a leader’s best friend. He understands what the future of business looks like – it’s a combination of doing what’s right for yourself, your community and your business. If you can do all three well, you have truly become a success and I don’t know of many experts who are better at helping leaders grow into this new paradigm than Craig. He is way ahead of the curve and I’m fortunate to have been able to grow as a leader thanks to his ideas.

WSJ and NYT best-selling author of Give and Take

Craig Dowden is passionate about bridging the gap between science and practice. He integrates innovative, leading-edge research into his consulting work, and his enthusiasm for bringing out the best in others is contagious. It’s very rare to encounter an expert who can match Craig’s engagement and commitment to making his clients successful.

award-winning Harvard professor, taught at Cambridge

Craig Dowden is the consummate professional. He is intellectually rigorous, socially engaging and deeply ethical. His knowledge of organizational behavior is extensive and his research on entrepreneurs is highly creative and important. He is a rising star in the applied field of organizational behavior. He is an extraordinary lecturer and keynote speaker and is passionate about wedding solid science with the applied concerns of business leaders and professionals. As a bonus, he has a wonderful sense of humor and is a delightful colleague.


Craig’s expertise in the fields of communication, leadership, and organizational behaviour has given our audience the exclusive opportunity to grow themselves as leaders in a wide variety of fields. Craig combines professional wisdom with factual case studies and research-driven data to deliver lectures that are engaging, informative, and entertaining. These workshops encompass the best form of professional development. It is a pleasure for both myself and our audience to continually learn from Craig’s one-of-a-kind insight.

best-selling author of WHEN: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing and Drive: The Surprising Truth about what Motivates Us

A distressing number of leaders believe they must choose between being successful and being ethical. Fortunately, Craig Dowden is here to set them straight. His research shows that the best way to lead well is to do good — that self-awareness, civility, and humility are powerful leadership tools. This book is ideal reading for people who want to make a positive impact their organizations.

Are you a positive leader?

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